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'We get about 5 signups everyday and the sole credit goes to the SEO work that has gone into the site. Thanks to the SEOD team, who have done a tremendous job for our Real Estate website...
We sell more everyday and our business has grown due to SEOD. Their custom website produced for us has doubles our buiness. SEO Dynamics has turned us from a 5.5 million dollar company into an estimated 11.8 in 1 year....

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SEO Dynamics-Search Engine Marketing Solutions & Custom Website Development by JP Sainz

SEO Dynamics was founded by Joe 'JP' Sainz in Colorado 2005 after consulting on SEO/SEM and web development for many companies, large and small.

Website Marketing and/or Internet Marketing popularly known as e-Marketing (SEM) or (SEO) Marketing is an increasing trend in marketing and advertising for newly launched products or services introduced by global business entities. Website Marketing and SEO Marketing is an important and often critical task for every company or organization. In order to be successful on-line, companies must be aggressive and proative in order to make their website visible so they can reach potential customers. These days Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is mandatory for every small, medium or large sized company looking for potentail clients or sales. Companies must adopt Google strategiesand best practices in order to maximize all benefits of their efforts and spend on internet marketing campaigns - Joe Sainz

A successful web promotion campaign connects you with your existing and potential customers. It is also a Must to have the correct Website Design in order to facilitate the SEO/SEM Marketing. A properly designed website means this difference between success and failure. SEO Dynamics which is owned and operated by Joe P. Sainz, provides these solutions and is the result of extensive market research, tested and proven SEO Techniques and an extensive amount of experience providing various clients with successful Custom web development results. SEO Dynamics website marketing packages are designed specially to provide you the maximum benefits. Each website construction project is custom and the SEO applications used are all unique to client.

List of Services provided by Joe P. Sainz (JP Sainz) SEO Dynamics includes:

  1. Custom Corporate Website designs (small & large)
  2. Custom website programming and development (backend CMS)
  3. Software development and Integration in databases for website
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  6. PPC/CPC Campaigns
  7. Back link development, Directory Submissions (paid & free)
  8. Articles writing, Blog creation & posting,
  9. Viral Marketing
  10. Corporate Brand Identity Development and Integration
  11. Online Tracking Systems
  12. Customer Feedback/Survey Applications (Autoreponders)
  13. All Google Best practices strictly adhered to (White Hat)
SEO Dynamics, LLC, a Full Service Web Development Company specializing in SEO/SEM & Custom Web Designs
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